Why Should I Choose This Method Over The Others?

Of course, that decision is entirely up to you and we are not here to force you or anybody into this method, but,

  • Consider the following benefits for instance:
    • You Don’t Have To Consciously Work At It! – What we do in the approach of PST, is to first inform you, of how we as human-beings operate on the feeling level.  Further information will tell you, that it is no benefit to “tell all” to a therapist because the therapist is not the expert. Your subconscious mind is. This information is a lot like an “Ah-hah” for you, with the intent of the information to make sense to you in the simplest way possible. Once you have this knowledge and can relate to it, the rest of the process is relatively easy. Your practitioner then talks to you through the session work and your subconscious does the rest – automatically and without interference from your analytical conscious mind. Our aim, is for you to do the healing easily and gently, with a let it happen approach.
    • This Method Is Surprisingly Easier Than Most People Think – The hardest part about this PST, is probably reading the material we give you before you come. Along as you’re serious about getting better, there’s not much to read really, but Information is Power and once you have the right information about what is happening in your mind, you then have the ability to change what is happening in your mind. All you do in session work is sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes whilst your practitioner talks to you. You don’t even have to consciously listen to the therapist because your subconscious will be listening anyway. After all, it knows what the problem is and how to fix it. (More explained on this when you have the session work).
    • You Are More Capable of Getting Better Than You Think You Are – Everybody has the inborn and natural ability for positive change to take place but most people don’t realize it. The fact is that you “learned to feel” the way you do now, but the good news is you also have the ability to relearn any uncomfortable feelings back to your natural way of feeling, once given the right information.
    • “3-Session-Only” Program! – Many people can’t believe this and it is probably because of the mainstream belief that sessions  have to go on and on for things to get better, but with PST, this is not the case at all. There is everything you need in the 3 sessions. We like to refer to it as a program rather than three individual sessions because they are all important as each other. More on this is FAQ’s.
    • You Don’t Have To Know WHY You Feel Like You Do! – Once again, this refers to consciously analyzing your situation, but we are talking about subconscious-uncomfortable-learned-feelings that were learned in your pre-verbal period. We have had many past clients who simply don’t know why they feel the way they do, they have mentioned it as simply “a feeling I can’t explain” or “a deep uncomfortable feeling”.
    • You Are Asked Not To Talk About Your Discomforts! – Many people are sick of talking about their problems. No going over any uncomfortable past memories (if known). Most memories that people believe are the cause of their discomforts are physical occurrences anyway, but as mentioned above, we are only interested in guiding you to re-learn any uncomfortable subconscious feelings that were previously learned.
    • There are No Drugs needed! – Many people are prescribed drugs as the method of controlling their discomforts because the professional that they have visited can’t do anything for their condition. PST is a natural emotional rebalancing method that does not administer the prescription of medication. Some clients are on anti-depressants or other forms of medication when they come to see us and have questions about that, but more about this can be found in the FAQ’s.
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