Gaining Self Confidence

TESTIMONIALS – Gaining Self Confidence

Outcomes of Therapy For Self Confidence & Low Self Esteem

Self Confidence & Sleep: “Cheers Darren, Feeling so much better! Reckon you have made a big difference in the quality of life. Sleeping better and more confident. Thank you.” Colin, Adelaide.

Panic Attacks & Self Confidence: “Sleep pattern much improved. Night Panic Attacks have gone. I feel much calmer and I feel this with my interpersonal Relationships. I am Much Less Irritable and my Self Confidence has restored to levels I haven’t experienced for ages. There’s just been an amazing transformation in the quality of my life. I wouldn’t have believed it!!! Thanks Darren, you have worked wonders.” Callum, Innisfail, Queensland.

Anxiety & Stress: Debra came after seeing how much her friend Bron had improved and she managed to gain some stress relief and other improvements which she talks about here.

Anger & Self Confidence: “I’m more at ease, not as concerned about living up to others expectations, less angry and more confident in being myself.  Thanks.” Carson, Adelaide.

Depression, Anger, Guilt, Self Confidence: “Four months after the program my feelings of Anger, Grief, Guilt, Irritability, Jealousy, Depression and Low Self Esteem have significantly improved. My Teeth Grinding has lessened considerably, my sleep is a lot better and I can concentrate so much better. On the physical side, my Allergies, Back Pain, Skin Problems, Headaches, Ulcers and Menstrual Problems have also significantly improved. Thank you” Kate, Cairns, Queensland.

Self Confidence, Sleep & Grief: “Significant changes for me are my improvement in my Confidence. My Grief, Back Pain, Workaholic Behaviour, Insomnia, Stress, Disturbing Dreams and Digestive Problems have also dramatically improved. Thank You” Sue, Brisbane, Queensland.

Low Self Esteem: “I’ve found the 3 sessions have helped me see myself differently and it’s been great for my self confidence and low self esteem anymore and I’m starting to feel better within myself. Thanks”. Brett H, Adelaide, South Australia.

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