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Proven Results for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety Relief: “Hey Darren all is going well. The 3 sessions certainly has helped clear out some baggage and I’m more balanced, less anxious and in tune and minimal noise in the mind. Much appreciated once again.” Ben, Adelaide.

Panic Attacks & Self Confidence: “Sleep pattern much improved. Night Panic Attacks have gone. I feel much calmer and I feel this with my interpersonal Relationships. I am Much Less Irritable and my Self Confidence has restored to levels I haven’t experienced for ages. There’s just been an amazing transformation in the quality of my life. I wouldn’t have believed it!!! Thanks Darren, you have worked wonders.” Callum, Innisfail, Queensland.

Depression, Sleep & Panic Attacks: “Dear Darren, Thank you for the opportunity to refocus my life and increase my day to day enjoyment of life in general. After the first session, I experienced the best sleep I had had in 2 months. My emotional state improved overnight. Generally my quality of life has improved greatly. I do not experience the lows, Panic Attacks and feelings of hopelessness. I look forward to a positive future in business, family and life in general. Thank you once again for your caring and understanding commitment to improving people’s lives”. Mike, Cairns, Queensland.

Bi-Polar: “Before I saw you Darren, I was already dead inside. No one understood me, which caused me to constantly hide. My stepfather abused me for 6 years, every day I was in tears. For 18 years my life was a disaster. Defensive attitude, inconsolable tears very quickly became my master. But after seeing you, my blessings are too incredible to explain. Your approach was second to none and the real me I have gained. My Bi-Polar has lifted dramatically. I no longer feel dead inside. As a mum of 5, my kids used to call me “Angry Mum” & “Sad Mum”. All they call me now is “Happy Mum” Thank you so much Darren for unlocking my Barricaded Emotions”. Bron, Cairns, Queensland.

Anxiety Relief, Stuttering & Stress: “Overall since my sessions, my Anxiety and Stress levels have greatly decreased. My Stuttering and feelings off jealousy have improved and I feel more in control of my emotions. Thank you for your help” Prue, Cairns, Queensland.

Panic Attacks & Concentration: “A lot of the changes have been very subtle and I didn’t really notice them day by day but when I think back about how was feeling, I have noticed quite a bit of change. My concentration and headaches are a lot better”. Cliff, Cairns, Queensland.

Anxiety Relief & Panic Attacks: “I am 80 years old and 3 months after the program my anxiety and panic attacks have significantly improved. I am pleased with my progress and happy to let the treatment progress further. Thanks.” Pam, Ingham, Far North Queensland.

Anxiety Relief & Sleep: “Since the sessions, I am communicating better, not so defensive and sleeping better. People have even commented that my driving has even improved! My Nervous Stomach has eased and I’m less anxious. Thanks Darren” Sherry, Cairns, Queensland.

Depression & Anxiety Relief: “Two words to describe my childhood would be ”Hard” and “Cruel”. I can’t remember a happy time. But after the PST sessions I feel a lot less anxious and depressed. My nervous twitches have even improved. Thanks”. Adam, Ingham, Queensland.

Depression & Anxiety Relief: “Overall I’m feeling great within myself. It’s been just over a year since having the 3 sessions and I feel I am still progressing. My anxiety and depression are resolved, my hypertension has nearly gone, my asthma has improved greatly and I no longer get those ulcers that I use to”. Troy, Cairns, Queensland.

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