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TESTIMONIALS – Anger Management

IMPORTANT: It’s not Anger Management at all – It’s better – Because THIS METHOD AIMS TO resolve the cause of excessive anger!

Anger Control & Confidence Gained: “I’m more at ease, not as concerned about living up to others expectations, less angry and more confident in being myself.  Thanks.” Carson, Adelaide.

Anger Control: “Hello Darren,
 thank you for your email , things have been better for me in general. The really horrible feelings have left me and they affected me each day and night, so now I just get waves of it now and again and further apart, I am dealing with issues in a calmer way, and remove myself from bad situations before I get upset, I am more in tune with today rather than the past.
Thanks again for your help, take care . Regards.” Steve, Adelaide.

Anger Control, Sleep & Stress Relief: Trevor came after seeing how much his wife Bron got better. He wanted to help himself with Anger Management concerns and Sleep Problems. “Hi Darren, Overall I’m feeling great within myself. It’s been just over a year now since the program and I feel I am still progressing. Kind Regards”, Trevor, Cairns, Qld.

Anger Control: “My anger has certainly been helped. I don’t feel the level of anger that I used to”. Jenny, Cairns.

Overcoming Depression & Anger Control: “My excessive feelings of Depression, Aggression, Guilt and Jealousy have completely resolved. I used to have a foul mouth, couldn’t control my temper and this greatly affected my marriage. My Diabetes has even improved significantly. Thanks Darren” John, Gordonvale, Far North Queensland.

Anger Control, Easing Guilt & Improving Creativity: “My Anger and Guilt have improved and I don’t feel as knotted up inside. My creative side has also improved”. Meg, Mt. Isa, Queensland.

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