“No Talking” – What does it mean?

Private Subconscious Therapy applies a unique approach in regards to this aspect.

As you will no doubt be aware, it is common belief, that to fix emotional problems, one needs to talk to an “expert” about his or her concerns. This “expert” usually then analyzes that information, and a plan or approach is put in place to deal with the clients’ concerns. But this is always a “conscious-analytical” approach.

Additionally and unfortunately too many times, drugs are administered with the intent to simply manage the symptoms, as opposed to resolving the cause.

What we are saying in PST is, that the causal problem of your discomforts is not any presenting symptoms (such as depression, anxiety, anger), but “a feeling” that lies within the subconscious mind. This feeling “was learned” in a negative way at some stage in your life. And it is unexplainable verbally from any experts-conscious-analysing, as well as client-conscious-analysing.

Infant Learning’s Substantially Influence How We React to Situations Later in Life

When we are babies, we are learning only in a feeling way. We are not utilizing thoughts yet, as our conscious analyzing mind doesn’t even start to develop until we are about 18 months old (and fully develops around the age of 20 years old). So we don’t yet have the ability to assess situations rationally. But we certainly can feel.

It is in this critical pre-verbal period that our “Feeling Self” is forming from all stressful (and even non-stressful) situations.

Let’s say for example a 3-month-old baby experiences a plate smashing on the floor for the first time and it is scared to the point of frantic crying. The baby cries and cries until it receives comfort from a parent or carer.

Now, because as adults we are experienced in situations like the plate smashing, we are well aware that this event was not as bad as the baby made it out to be, but it certainly was real for the baby “at that time”. The loud noise of the plate smashing was perceived as a stressful event and an encoded-feeling-memory was stored into the baby’s subconscious mind.

This is just one example of many events (good and bad) that go on to form a babies feeling self.

And this is the main focus of what PST helps people do – Re-learn any past uncomfortable learned feelings.

So, In Summary: 

  1. Many events (good and bad) create our feeling self in the pre-verbal timeframe of approximately 22 weeks into gestation to about 18 months old.
  2. Our feeling self was formed in a time that we are unable to assess things from a rational point of view.
  3. ALL feeling memories are encoded into our subconscious mind.
  4. Only your subconscious has knowledge of this uncomfortable feeling and only your subconscious knows how to fix it.

We hope you can now see why we promote the no talking approach. We simply guide you  to remind your subconscious mind of the ability it has to do its own healing and also the fact that because these negative feelings were learned, they can be re-learned.

Contact Us if you would like to Re-Learn any uncomfortable feelings.

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